Siobhain Steele - Irish Ceramics

Drawn to the natural Irish landscape my ceramic designs are influenced by the simplicity tranquillity and beauty surrounding my Co Cork studio. Each ceramic piece is designed and handcrafted with care evoking a sense of simplicity, serenity and connection. Over a two week period each piece will pass through my hands many times before it is ready to be gifted by you. Below is a brief overview of the process involved in making a single ceramic piece from beginning to end.

Irish Ceramics

Step 1: Mixing

Step 2: Pouring

Irish Ceramic Artist Siobhain Steele

Irish Ceramic Gifts

Step 3: Removing the mould

Step 4: Fettling

Ceramics Ireland


Step 5: Branding

Step 6: Into the kiln



Step 7: Decorating & Glazing

Step 8: Finishing touches